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In the first three days, the group has collected more than 100 signatures from the specific voter base needed to include the referendum on the November ballot.

In order to do that, the group must first collect signatures from 8 percent of 50th Ward voters in each of its 40 precincts who participated in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

But Reyes said her group is aiming to get 15 percent of voters in each precinct in the hopes of convincing Ald. Debra Silverstein (50th) to support its campaign.

Reyes said Silverstein was invited to earlier meetings being held by the group to discuss ideas, but the alderman was not able to attend.

Silverstein did not return messages seeking comment Tuesday.

It#39;s kind of a difficult process, because ... we#39;re the first ward in the city that#39;s trying to get participatory budgeting approved without the alderman on board, Reyes said. What we#39;re hoping is that we#39;ll have such a high voter turnout with a high percentage of the vote that it#39;s something she#39;s going have to take a stand on.

Reyes said she would like to see participatory budgeting used in ways similar to that in the 49th Ward: replacing trees uprooted from a flash storm last summer; resurfacing roads; improving lighting; fixing sidewalks and alley aprons; and creating community gardens and parks.

Since becoming alderman in 2011, Silverstein has spent every penny of the ward funds on filling potholes, Reyes said.

Our feeling is that there#39;s so much else that needs to be done, Reyes said. Potholes, that#39;s fine, that#39;s really more of a city responsibility ... there#39;s just a lot more we can do with the money.

The group recently formed a steering committee made of community members, neighborhood and businesses leaders and an artist, and will continue meeting about once a week while also hurriedly collecting signatures before they#39;re due to the Board of Elections on Aug. 8.

By Aug. 15, Reyes said she should know whether 50th Ward residents will be able to vote to bring participatory budgeting to West Ridge.

If participatory budgeting comes to the ward, Reyes said the next step would be to form language teams spanning from Hindi to Spanish to Urdu and beyond so residents in the ward would know how to participate in the budgeting process and vote for projects in the future, which would be open to all ward residents ages 14 and up.

We#39;d like this to be all-inclusive, Reyes said. We#39;d really like other community groups to join us, a lot of people support this.

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