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Family Services, Inc. (FSI) has had its roots in the Charleston area since 1888, and has remained one of the leading nonprofit human service organizations in providing professional financial and housing counseling services. For the past 128 years, FSI has been helping community members achieve financial and housing stability through programs such as credit counseling, homeless prevention, foreclosure prevention, and homebuyer education. On July 6, 2016, FSI will begin doing business as Origin SC. The organization#x2019;s current location, staff, and services will remain the same.

The Salvation Army of Emporia, in collaboration with Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., and United Way are providing a free class at 10 am Tuesday in the annex building located at 209 W. 4th Avenue.

Family Services Inc., whose roots in the Charleston area originated in 1888, has changed its name to Origin SC. The organizations location, staff and services will remain the same.

Origin helps community members with financial and housing issues through programs such as credit counseling, homelessness prevention, foreclosure prevention and homebuyer education. The organization reaches up to 8,000 people each year.

Agency CEO David Geer III said the change #x201c;aligns with our mission to empower individuals to achieve financial and housing stability.#x201d;

Origin offers assistance and programs such as financial coaching, credit counseling, home ownership education, home preservation, homeless prevention, foreclosure prevention, housing stability and family violence intervention. The agency reaches up to 8,000 people every year.

The arduous undertaking of changing the name was not taken lightly, said Jenna Johnson, agency marketing and development director.

#x201c;Our goal and our hope is that by rebranding we will reach and serve more people who may not have known about our multiple programs,#x201d; she said. #x201c;Out of our #x2018;origin#x2019; has come a multi-faceted organization #x2014; one where anyone, from any background and in any situation can begin their path to financial and housing stability. We are your #x2018;Origin.#x2019; We#x2019;re here to help you reach your goals.#x201d;

The organization#x2019;s current location on Lacross Road, its staff and services will remain the same.

Reach Warren L. Wise at 843-937-5524 or twitter.com/warrenlancewise.

Less than two years ago the Cates turned to Clearpoint, a nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency, for help. Its taken sacrifice and hard work but now this couple and their four children are living what many consider the American dream.